Ultimate Bet Scandal

Ultimate Bet, which is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, was involved in a scandal which became public knowledge in January 2008. There were numerous accounts on Ultimate Bet which were "superuser" accounts - these accounts could see all opponents hole cards.

Ultimate Bet hired a third party group to look into the scandal, and they discovered that the cheating had actually begun as early as January 2005, and continued until January 2008. Ultimate Bet stated that the cheating was done by employees of the former owners of the poker room, Excapsa Software.

Ultimate Bet attempted to refund any players that were affected due to this major security lapse, and have paid out over $15 million to the players who were affected by this hole card cheating scandal.

So the question now of course - is it safe to play at Ultimate Bet? That's up to you to decide. On one hand, it is hard to trust a site that has had these problems in the past, and you never know if it will come up again in the future. On the other hand, they are under severe scrutiny, and because of this scandal the theory is that it's now one of the safest places to play online, because more than any other poker room, they can't afford any more issues.

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